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An Overview

One name has been consistently redefining excellence in the field of Power Electronics and that is "SERVOTECH". Incorporated in the year 1994, we have rapidly attained a position of one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of world class power electronics and other customised solutions in the field.

We offer world class quality UPS, Sine Wave Inverters, Servo/Static Stabilizers and V.F.D. (Variable Frequency Drivers) of various capacities up to 500KVA. Along with these, we also have specialization in trading in LED (Light Emitting Diode) Products. All our products are designed and developed by following best manufacturing practices. Also, as an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company we take strict control on quality and reliability of our range.

We have a dedicated work force and a state of art facilities, which helped us to achieve the leadership position. It is only with the support of our team and their coordination skills that we built long lasting partnership with many renown clients.

Based on all above credentials, we confidently guarantee our customers with good results, each and every time they get associated with us. Patronised by over 1 million users and more than 200 retail outlets network spread all over the country, we are reckoned as one of the most preferred choice of customers in the present competitive marketing.

Our Business Perspective

We are surging ahead on the path of an uninterrupted success and growth by taking a wide-angle view of things and envisioning even the minutest details in terms of product development and client servicing. We have created wide markets for our products confidently and are looking forward to achieve the leadership position in the worldwide arena.

Products We Offer

We manufacture, export and supply the most qualitative range of Power Electronics Products including the following:

  • Inverter: Squarewave Inverter, Sinewave Inverter, Heavy Duty Industrial Inverter, Telecom Inverter, Hot Stand by (1+1) Inverter,
  • Online UPS: 1-IN, 1-OUT Online UPS, 3-IN, 1-OUT Online UPS, 3-IN, 3-OUT Online UPS, PFC Series Online UPS
  • Off Line Long Back-Up UPS: External Battery Long Back-Up UPS, Internal Battery Long Back-Up UPS
  • Batteries: Lead Acid Batteries, Tubular Ubular Batteries, Sealed Maintanence Free Batteries
  • Stablizer: Servo Stablizer, Static Voltage Regulator
  • VFD
  • Other Products: PFC Module Solar Inverter

Our Speciality Product: LED (Light Emitting Diode)

What is LED ?
Light Emitting Diode is a semiconductor device which converts electricity into light.

Our LED Products:

1.  L.E.D Based Street Lighting System
2. L.E.D Based Indoor Lighting System
3. L.E.D Based Flood Lighting System
4. L.E.D Based Tunnel Lighting System
5. L.E.D Based Ceiling Lighting System
6. L.E.D Based Street Lighting System – Flat Bed
7. L.E.D Based Tube Lighting System
8. L.E.D Based Solar Lighting System

Why LED Lights to be Preferred?

       1. LED lights are more rugged and damage-resistant than compact fluorescents and incandescent bulbs.
       2. LED lights (Light Emitting Diodes) are extremely energy efficient and long-lasting lights.
       3. LED lights don't flicker.
       4. LED lights create less heat than traditional lights, they last significantly longer and can help you save up         to 90% on your lighting costs

Benefits of Our LED Lights

   1. Environmentally friendly ( No mercury).
   2. Longest lifetime of any lighting technology.
   3. SSL creates more light with 2 to 6 time less electricity.
   4. Low voltage power supply thus greater safety.
   5. No ultraviolet / infrared radiation, EMI emissions, light pollution.
   6. Reduced infrastructure cost for power distribution.
   7. Low temperature eliminates the risk of fire and reduce heat load to air conditioners.
   8. Direct compatible with battery and solar technologies thus no mains installation cost.
   9. Instant start, simple and cheaper installation and easily dimmable,
  10. Pure light-excellent visual acuity. Ideal for CCTV covered areas
  11. Self contained units that require minimal maintenance.

Our After Sales Service Support

Servotech offers comprehensive After Sales Service programme. Our after-sales service encompasses:

  • Technical help desk
  • Highly skilled service technicians
  • 24 hours service available in India and abroad.

Year-wise Achievement & Growth at SERVOTECH

1994:     Launch of Transistorized 50Hz Inverter
1996:     Launch of First 12V /500 Watt MOSFET based Inverter
1997:     Introduced 5 KVA inverter to run Air Conditioner
1998:     Run Hydraulic Lift on Inverter
1998:     Launch Double Conversion Online UPS up to 10KVA
1998:     Servo Stabilizer upto 300KVA
1999:     Micro Controller Based 600VA LI- UPS for PC Backup
2001:     Sine Wave Inverter for Domestic Application
2002:     Accredited with ISO 9001:2000 Company
2003:     Sine Wave Home UPS on single Battery
2003:     Sine Wave Inverter for Telecom application
2004:     3 Phase Inverters for Industrial Applications
2004:     Sine Wave Inverters for Solar applications
2005:     Digital & Sine Wave HOME UPS for Domestic applications
2006:     Sine Wave Inverters & UPS upto 120KVA
2007:     Variable Frequency Drivers (VFD) for Industrial Air Conditioners
2007:     Static Stabilizers upto 500KVA
2008:     Variable Frequency Drivers (VFD) Solor Inverter.